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Welcome to Against the Logicians.

The title comes from Sextus Empiricus, a Pyrrhonian skeptic who lived during the beginning of the decline of the Roman Empire.

“The sceptic encounters philosophers who often disparage common belief and claim an authority for doctrines that transcends the brute acceptance of the plain man. The sceptic simply takes these philosophers at their word, meets them on their own grounds, and then shows that they cannot satisfy their own demands.”

Robert Fogelin

The following are some posts that later posts have built on…




What is wrong with academic philosophy today?

Peter Unger, Raymond Geuss, and internal criticism of academic philosophy

Where can philosophy go after Wittgenstein?

Philosophy after Wittgenstein: Deleuze’s production of concepts

Philosophy after Wittgenstein: Wittgensteinian philosophical history

When to support a war: consequentialist + deontological justification



The Book of Job: Some Thoughts

Why are defenses of the humanities so weak?

 A defense of the humanities

 A second defense of the humanities

A defense of a defense of the humanities

A third defense of the humanities

Structuralism, Poststructuralism, and the Decline of the Literary Humanities



Sources of political disagreement: “tribal cognition” versus “cultural cognition”

Wendell Berry, Deep Ecology, and Hermit Studies

A hierarchy of political needs?

Thucydides and the Social Sciences (Autobiographical)

Max Weber and Political Ethics



Hubert Dreyfus, Artificial Intelligence, and the Needing Machine



The Zombie Economist



If (the novel) arrives

An interview about If at Electric Literature

An interview about If at SeattleWrote

Emily Short, interactive fiction, and If (a novel)

If and Gamebooks

Dendritic fiction: The structure of If

If, Modernism, and Metamodernism

Freedom (translated from the German)

“Finally, Whites Come First”

McSweeney’s: “Artisanal Coal”


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